Host redemptive World Premiere movies in your church.

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Imagine premiering world class, redemptive films in your church, building community within and reaching outside the four walls to engage those within your city.

Now you can with EchoLight Cinemas.

EchoLight Studios wants to partner with your church in creating culture-changing movie events as an EchoLight Cinema.

World Premieres

EchoLight Studios provides best-in-class, first-run World Premiere films directly to your church.
Discover our upcoming films below.



Helps restore the Christian world-view through powerful movies


Creates cultural buzz within your community


Becomes a powerful event for your church


Generates revenue for your church


Builds community Inside and outside the church


Provides a multi-million dollar event at no cost to the church

Signing your church up to be a partner is


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Sign up now to become a certified EchoLight Cinema. Following the short registration process, we will contact you via telephone to discuss more details and answer any and all questions to empower you for a successful event including:

Screening of the films before committing to an event
Promotion of the films in order have a successful event
The ticketing process and how it works
Ticket revenue partnership with your church

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