One Generation Away

The Changing Face Of Religious Liberty In America

One Generation Away is a fast-paced film that travels the United States (and Europe) in search of a deeper understanding of the religious freedom clauses in the Constitution's First Amendment. From Hobby Lobby to the Mt. Soledad Cross in San Diego to wedding service providers in the Northwest, One Generation Away asks hard questions about the status of religious liberty in America today. The film includes leading voices on both sides of the issue. One Generation Away discovers that our "first freedom" - religious liberty - is one that demands attention at this critical point in American history.

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  • Premieres: Extended Premiere
  • Directed By: Ken Carpenter
  • Starring: Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum, Steve Berger, Jim Garlow, Raul Ries, Russell Moore, Eric Metaxas, Mikey Weinstein, Barry Lynn, Tony Perkins, and many more!
  • Core Message: Religious liberty is never more than One Generation Away from extinction...
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